Bradley Park Relocation of Pipelines 3 & 4

  • Location: San Marcos, California
  • Value: $11,000,000
  • Completion Date: September 2004
  • Owner: San Diego County Water Authority
  • Contractor: Colich Construction, LP

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management, contract administration, and inspection services for the following capital improvement projects for the San Diego County Water Authority:

Bradley park

Pipelines 3 and 4 pass through Bradley Park, which is an inactive municipal landfill of the County of San Diego that has been transformed into a park. The relocated pipelines connect to the existing pipelines north of Linda Vista Drive in the Authority’s right-of-way. The project included the construction of approximately 1,650 LF of 72-inch and 1,550 LF of 96-inch finished inside diameter cement mortar lined and dielectrically coated welded steel pipe (WSP); connections to existing WSP, pipeline Cathodic protection system; miscellaneous pipeline appurtenances including air-release/air vacuum valves and blowoffs; sidewalk; paving restoration; re-vegetation; and traffic control. Work also included the removal of approximately 230 LF of 72-inch and 96-inch diameter welded steel pipe. In addition, approximately 1,120 LF of Pipeline 3 and 970 LF of Pipeline 4 was abandoned in place.

Vallecitos 9 flow control facility

Work on this project included the construction of a 500-SF reinforced concrete vault; approximately 50 LF of 20-inch diameter welded steel pipe (WSP); an electrically actuated plug valve; Venturi meter and appurtenances; an 8-foot by 4-foot sampling/injection station; approximately 1,700 LF of 30-inch diameter WSP; connection to the Vallecitos Water District 24-inch WSP; and replacement and relocation of approximately 30 feet of 8-inch diameter asbestos concrete pipe (ACP) with 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe; approximately 50 LF of 24-inch diameter WSP; and connection to the Tri-Agencies Pipeline (42-inch diameter concrete cylinder pipe). The work also included installation of a cathodic protection system, instrumentation and control, electrical and lighting service, sump pump, telephone service, fiber optic service for remote operation, and grading and paving.

Tri-agencies pipeline turnout replacement

This project entailed the construction of a 10-foot, 8-inch x 14-foot, 7-inch reinforced concrete vault; approximately 100 feet of 36-inch welded steel pipe; installation of a new 36-inch turnout ball valve; and the replacement of an existing 30-inch turnout valve. The work also included connection to Pipeline 3 (72-inch pipeline), Pipeline 4 (96-inch pipeline), and the Tri-Agencies Pipeline (36-inch connection). In addition, the project included installation of a cathodic protection system and approximately 120 feet of electrical conduit from the new Tri-Agencies Pipeline 4 turnout vault to the Vallecitos 9 Flow Control Facility.