Butier Awarded City of Santa Ana South Main Street Corridor Improvements Project

Butier Engineering, Inc. is proud to be performing construction management, inspection, and community outreach services as an extension of the City of Santa Ana’s staff for the South Main Street Corridor Improvements Project. The project area includes over two miles of corridor, approximately from First Street to Dyer Road. The Butier Team is committed to supporting the City’s South Main Street Vision Plan, which includes the following principals: supporting community vision and participation; reflecting and enhancing the neighborhood culture and identity; improving connectivity, mobility, and access for pedestrians and transit users; supporting economic development and investment; enhancing environmental sustainability; and improving neighborhood safety and security.

The Project is a combination of the following individual projects:

  • 17-9001 South Main Street Corridor Improvements
  • 18-691 Main Street Rehabilitation from Edinger Avenue to First Street
  • 20-6958 Main Street Rehabilitation from Warner Avenue to Edinger Avenue
  • 19-6940 Main Street Rehabilitation from Dyer Road to Warner Avenue
  • 21-6451 South Main Sewer Improvements

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Enhanced PCC Crosswalks and Intersections
  • Decorative Sidewalk Extensions/Bulb Outs
  • Lighting Improvements
  • Landscape/Irrigation
  • Sewer Main/Lateral Replacement
  • Railroad Coordination