CDA Awards Butier Chino I Desalter VOC Treatment Facilities Project

The Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA) recently selected Butier Engineering Inc. to provide construction management and inspection services for the Chino I Desalter VOC Treatment Facilities Project. This project will support the County of San Bernardino’s larger effort to mitigate groundwater contamination consisting of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the Chino Airport Plume.

The recommended remedial action for the County’s project consists of the construction of new groundwater extraction wells at 10 new sites and on-site and/or off-site treatment. In a joint effort with the County, CDA is constructing two new treatment facilities at the Chino I Desalter to remove VOCs from seven CDA wells and the new County wells, respectively. The two systems will have a combined capacity of 3,550 gpm with provisions for expanding an additional 800 gpm.

New treatment at the Chino I Desalter includes construction of: two new Granular Activated Carbon Systems; cartridge and bag filtration systems; sulfuric acid storage and feed systems; piping systems and tie-ins; demolition of various structures and site improvements; storage building; electrical and instrumentation and controls; off-site pipeline to convey raw water from the County’s wells for treatment at the Chino I Desalter; and system performance testing and startup activities.

Butier Engineering, Inc. is pleased to be working with CDA, the County, Hazen and Sawyer (Treatment System Designer), and Tetra Tech (Offsite Pipeline Designer).  Additional Butier team members include Ninyo & Moore, ON-SITE Technical Services, and Borchard Surveying & Mapping.