Water Projects

930 Zone Recycled Water Reservoir

Chino Hills, California
Summer 2014
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Paso Robles Tank, Inc.

Butier Engineering, Inc. was contracted to provide construction management and inspection services for the construction of a 5 MG steel recycled water reservoir. The project scope of work includes the installation of yard piping and valving; site grading including excavation, fill, and disposal; electrical and instrumentation; 2,488 lineal feet of 30-inch cement mortar lined and coated steel inlet/out pipeline; 910 lineal feet of 16-foot wide access road; 542 lineal feet of 18-inch cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe drain line; and 326 feet of 12-inch cement mortar lined and coated drain line. Additional scope includes installation of two (2) 4-inch recycled water laterals; cathodic protection; saw-cutting of pavement, pavement removal, and disposal; pavement replacement including grinding, base course, and surface course installation; utility connection including an SCE service line; excavation in City of Chino Hills streets; traffic control; and installation of corrosion test station.