Broadway Trunk Sewer Replacement/Rehabilitation Phase I-Microtunneling

Long Beach, California
Long Beach Water Department
Kinsel Industries

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided resident engineering and inspection services during microtunneling operations for installation of approximately 6,132 linear feet of 36-inch vitrified clay pipe in East Broadway Avenue in the City of Long Beach.

The project also included construction of eleven (11) standard 72-inch manholes, two (2) conflict reinforced concrete box structures, connection to the existing 36-inch County Sanitation Districts sewer at North Shoreline Drive, and connection to the existing 24-inch City of Long Beach sewer at Alamitos.

In order to accomplish construction of the proposed sewer and maintain all existing sewer lines in service, the contractor installed a total of ten (10) temporary bypass sewer connections and made a permanent sewer connection at Elm Avenue. A total of five (5) existing local 8-inch sewers were abandoned upon completion of the proposed sewer.