Water Projects

Chino I Desalter VOC Treatment Facilities

Chino Basin Desalter Authority
Chino, California
$12 million
July 2023
Hazen and Sawyer
Pacific Hydrotech Corporation
Photo Credit:
Greg Epstein Photography

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for the Chino I Desalter VOC Treatment Facilities Project. In a joint effort with the County, CDA constructed two new treatment facilities at the Chino I Desalter to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from seven CDA wells and new County wells, respectively. The two systems have a combined capacity of 3,550 gpm with provisions for expanding an additional 800 gpm.

New treatment at the Chino I Desalter included construction of the following: new Granular Activated Carbon Systems (GAC); cartridge and bag filtration systems; sulfuric acid storage and feed systems; piping systems and tie-ins; demolition of various structures and site improvements; storage building; electrical, instrumentation and controls; off-site pipeline to convey raw water from the County’s wells for treatment at the Chino I Desalter; and system performance testing and startup activities.