Water Projects

Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility Phase V Design-Build Expansion

El Segundo, California
May 2013
West Basin Municipal Water District
Photo Credit:
Mol Goodman Photography

Butier Engineering, Inc. was selected to provide program management services for the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility (ECLWRF) Phase V Design-Build project. As a part of the project, West Basin expanded Title 22, Barrier Water and Low-Pressure Boiler Feedwater treatment processes. The Phase V project involved expanding the Title 22 pretreatment capacity by 10 MGD to achieve a total treatment capacity of 40 MGD, along with expanding the Barrier Water production from 12.5 MGD to 17.5 MGD and the Low-Pressure Boiler Feedwater production from 1.7 to 2.2 MGD to serve Single-Pass RO water to NRG’s El Segundo Power Plant. The Phase V project addressed numerous capacity expansion and treatment process upgrades. The project included, but was not limited to, the following components:

  • Ozone – Microfiltration Pretreatment Process—An Ozone treatment system was constructed to treat the existing and new MF capacities in the amount of approximately 30 MGD. The Ozone treatment system includes: two liquid oxygen (LOX) storage tanks and feeding facility, ozone generators, ozone injection system, ozone degas/defoam contact basin, and ozone destruct system.
  • West Coast Barrier—West Basin increased Barrier Water production to 17.5 MGD to achieve 100% recycled water to the West Coast Basin Barrier for injection. The increase in demand required expansion of the MF, single-pass RO, UV-AOP, pumping facilities and solids handling. The MF capacity was expanded by 7.55 MGD. An additional Ultraviolet (UV) train was added to treat 5 MGD.
  • El Segundo Power – Low-Pressure Boiler Feed Water—West Basin provided 1.7 MGD of single-pass RO treated water from ECLWRF to Chevron El Segundo Refinery for low-pressure boiler feed application. As part of the project, ECLWRF now provides approximately 0.47 MGD of Low-Pressure Boiler Feed Water (LPBFW) to El Segundo Power Plant.
  • Title 22 Facility – High Rate Clarifier Expansion—To accommodate additional Title 22 recycled water demands, West Basin constructed an additional 20 MGD high rate clarifier unit, filter units to increase capacities by 10 MGD, and demolished the existing flocculation basins.
  • Title 22 Pump Station—The Title 22 Pump Station provides 72 MGD of product water pumping capacity. To allow better pumping control and flexibility, two (2) medium voltage VFDs were provided for the 700-hp pumps.
  • Chemical Facilities—Constructed new chemical facilities including additional lime storage and feed systems, ferric chloride storage and feed systems, polymer transfer totes and feed systems, and upgraded the existing chemical systems.
  • Miscellaneous Civil Work—Removed existing 24-inch diameter RO Train 1 & 2 Feedwater Pipeline and replaced with proposed new 20-inch diameter Stainless Steel pipeline; constructed a new storage building; constructed spill containment systems and yard piping; and elevator system for sludge dewatering building.