Wastewater Projects

Henry N. Wochholz Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

Yucaipa, California
Yucaipa Valley Water District
W.M. Lyles

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for the expansion and upgrade of the Henry N. Wochholz Wastewater Treatment Facility. The purpose of the project was to meet Yucaipa Valley Water District’s capacity needs through year 2020, as well as upgrade the level of treatment to satisfy more stringent discharge requirements. The project expanded the former 4.5-million gallon treatment capacity to 8-million gallons. The expansion involved major modifications and demolition of many existing facilities at the wastewater treatment plant.

The expansion and upgrade included construction of the following: reclaimed water reservoirs (DYK prestressed concrete reservoirs); septage receiving station; primary sedimentation tank; secondary treatment system; secondary clarification; flow equalization; tertiary filters (cloth-media disk-filters); disinfection (UV); solids handling facilities; stormwater collection improvements; and an operations and control building.