Lift Station 2 Force Main Rehabilitation Project

Laguna Beach
July 2019
South Coast Water District
Atkins North America, Inc.
Steve Bubalo Construction Co.

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for the Lift Station 2 Force Main (LS-2 FM) Rehabilitation Project. Services included project controls, construction services, and project completion and closeout activities. The LS-2 FM Project consisted of the rehabilitation of the existing 6,400 foot, 20-inch diameter, polyurethane lined, polyethylene wrapped, Class 250 ductile iron pipe. It is located at 31104 Coast Highway in the City of Laguna Beach and ends at a point of connection inside the SOCWA Coastal Treatment Plant (CTP). The LS-2 FM is located within a 20-foot easement running northerly and adjacent to Aliso Creek and runs through portions of The Ranch at Laguna Beach, a resort with a 9-hole golf course. The scope of work for the LS-2 FM rehabilitation included the following:

  • Sliplining using a 16-inch diameter high density polyethylene pipe
  • Grouting the annular space
  • Excavating 13 access pits
  • Installation and operation of a full-length bypass system
  • Replacing sections of pipe
  • Installation of air vacuum release valves
  • Removal and disposal of existing valves
  • Installation of a surge tank
  • Landscape restoration
  • 545 (LF) of 10″ force main
  • Sewer manholes and appurtenances
  • Abandonment of Segerstrom Lift Station