Water Projects

Murphy Reservoir Replacement

City of Whittier
Whittier, California
Summer 2024
Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc.
Photo Credit:
Greg Epstein Photography

The City of Whittier’s Murphy Reservoir Replacement Project has reached a significant milestone. Please take a moment to watch the highlight reel to see how the concrete walls were formed for the new reservoir. To meet the water storage deficiency within the existing limited space, the aging twin 0.5 MG concrete reservoirs were demolished and are being replaced with a single 2.31 MG reservoir. The larger reservoir will meet the City’s operational, fire, and emergency storage requirements.

Butier is providing construction management, inspection, structural observation and materials testing services for the Murphy Reservoir Replacement project. The scope of work includes the replacement of two cylindrical concrete reservoirs with a larger 2.31 MG reservoir to meet operational, fire and emergency storage requirements. The replacement project includes the demolition and removal of the existing .5 MG concrete reservoirs, an exterior stairway, interior ladder, access hatches, vent, overflow pipe, drain line, inlet/outlet line, sample taps, level controls, and miscellaneous appurtenances. Also included is the grading of the site, shotcrete retaining wall, concrete masonry block retaining wall, concrete curb and gutter and concrete swale for proper site drainage.