Water Projects

Prado Wetlands Reconstruction Project

Corona, California
Orange County Water District
ECM Construction

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for the reconstruction of the Prado Wetlands, a natural water quality treatment system operated by the Orange County Water District which was damaged by flood flows from the Santa Ana River in the 2004-05 storm season.

The Prado Wetlands reconstruction contract included a diversion structure and approximately 6,812 feet of diversion channel to supply water from the Santa Ana River; approximately 23 wetland cells; conveyance channels which transport water to and from wetland cells; and water control or conveyance structures to manage water elevations or convey water between cells.

Also included were perimeter and internal levees and berms, berm roads, demolition or reconstruction of existing water control structures damaged during the flood, construction of new water control and conveyance structures, salvage and/or new construction of gabions, stockpiling of material for future construction of a diversion dam, reconstruction or installation of security gates, and other facilities or structures as specified or shown.

The scope of work also included protection of partially constructed work from storms, floods, and other natural events, including winter storm flooding. The project required sediment and erosion control measures in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations, and compliance with all specified and otherwise applicable local, state, and federal regulations.