Commercial/Public Facilities

Commercial/Public Facilities

U.S. Department of the Navy—Title II Inspection Contract

Port Hueneme, California
U.S. Navy

Naval Weapons Systems Laboratory

This was one of five projects included in Butier Engineering, Inc.’s Title II inspection contract with the Navy. The 75,000-SF, two-story laboratory structure has a moment resistant steel frame on a concrete pile foundation with concrete grade beams. Electrical systems included provisions to duplicate shipboard power systems. The building has hydraulic elevator equipment and is protected by dry sprinkler systems and an extensive fire and security alarm network.

Naval Construction Battalion Center

Included among Butier’s Title II construction management contracts were projects to construct 100,000 SF of Administration Headquarters space in three, two-story steel frame structures. Butier also managed the construction of 45 bachelor officers’ quarters and a chapel. Butier provided construction management, contract administration, inspection, quality control, and CPM schedule monitoring services.