Water Projects

8 MG Peck Reservoir Replacement

City of Manhattan Beach, Public Works
Fall 2022
Manhattan Beach, California
Stantec / Hazen and Sawyer
Pacific Hydrotech Corporation
City of Manhattan Beach
Greg Epstein Photography

The City of Manhattan Beach identified the Peck Reservoir replacement as a top priority after 60 years of effective service. The existing 7.5 MG reservoir is being replaced with a new 8 MG reservoir that will be viable for 75 years. When completed, the project will enhance the City’s drinking water storage and system reliability to help ensure long-term dependability, balance the use of local groundwater with the current imported supply, and bring the existing facilities and equipment up to today’s standards to help protect water supply and distribution for the residents of Manhattan Beach. The scope of work includes construction of the following:

  • Reservoir—8 MG partially-buried cast-in-place concrete structure approximately 270 feet long by 190 feet wide.
  • Operations Building—925 SF for office space and a water quality laboratory.
  • Pump Station and Electrical Control Building—1,950 SF cast-in place concrete structure.
  • Water Treatment Facilities—3,000 SF including two (2) horizontal filtration tanks, a protected chlorine and ammonia chemical storage building, and a glass-fused bolted steel vertical back wash tank.
  • Ancillary Facilities—diesel standby generator, transformer, yard piping, access vaults, infiltration drywells, retaining wall, access road, pavement, fencing, gates, and landscaping.
  • Offsite Work—replacement of raw water transmission pipeline; construction of chemical dosing and containment piping; new sewer discharge pipeline connection; new utility connections; and new curb, gutter, and sidewalks.

Butier Engineering, Inc. is providing construction management, inspection, public relations, environmental impact monitoring, and soils/materials testing services. Team members include Ninyo & Moore, ON-SITE Technical Services, Murakawa Communications, GeoVision, and Paleowest. Murakawa Communications is leading Butier’s Construction Information Team, providing collateral material in cooperation with the City’s project manager and contractor. Materials and events include project fact sheets, construction notices, copy for the City’s project website, meeting flyers, neighborhood pop-up meetings, groundbreaking / milestone events, City Council presentations, construction information hotline, and E-newsletters.

In addition, the Butier team performed real-time vibration monitoring during the installation of shoring (performed by vibrating steel beams approximately 25 feet below grade) and backfilling. This technology allowed the team to adjust shoring installation and backfilling methods on a moment’s notice to mitigate vibrations reaching levels that could cause property damage in a highly-engaged and affluent residential neighborhood.