Water Projects

La Jolla Recharge Basin

Anaheim, California
Orange County Water District
Fleming Environmental Inc.

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided construction management and inspection services for the construction of the 6-acre wetted-area recharge basin. The project involves the following components:

  • Demolishing existing at-grade structures across the 8.6-acre property
  • Excavating and hauling 83,000 cubic yards of soil to construct a 6-acre wetted-area recharge basin
  • Recharge inlet facilities consisting of an inflatable rubber dam, concrete foundation and downstream riprap and associated facilities for dam inflation and deflation
  • Creek outlet structure with automatic debris screen, solids handling and associated facilities
  • Approximately 100 feet of 30-inch steel CMLC pipe with motor-operated isolation valve and flow meter
  • Basin inlet structure
  • Recharge basin outlet facilities, consisting of 100 feet of 36-inch steel CMLC pipe; basin outlet structure with sluice gate; creek inlet structure with flap gate; and wetwell, sump pump, and associated discharge piping and appurtenances
  • Control building and facilities consisting of a concrete block structure with 8 foot by 10 foot interior space containing a stilling well and dam automatic deflation device, blower for dam inflation, and MCCs and PCLs for aforementioned facilities
  • All electrical and instrumentation, including video surveillance cameras and lighting