Water Projects

Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank Project

Anaheim, California
September 2010 (148 days ahead of schedule)
City of Anaheim
Gateway Pacific Contractors

Butier Engineering, Inc. performed as a subconsultant to Tetra Tech, providing construction management, field engineering, and inspection services for this $20-million water storage tank project. The project team was also responsible for providing geotechnical, soils testing, noise/vibration monitoring, pre-inspection, community relations, and surveying services. The scope of work included the construction of a 10-million gallon buried pre-stressed concrete circular tank to replace the existing Olive Hills Reservoir. The construction included 500,000 cubic yards of grading; 1,700 cubic yards of concrete in slab; 1,900 cubic yards of concrete wall; 14.5 miles of post-tensioned cable in floor; and 128 miles of post-tensioned cable in and wrapped around wall.

The decision to construct a 10 MG reservoir versus a 20 MG reservoir drastically reduced the construction impacts to the surrounding community, which included multi-million dollar family residences and an elementary school. The design allowed for regrading the existing slopes to a flatter grade (2:1). Other improvements included the installation of additional piezometers and inclinometers, appurtenant pipeline and pump station improvements, and landscaping.