Water Projects

Rawlings Reservoir Replacement Project

Tustin, California
City of Tustin
Tetra Tech
Pacific Hydrotech
ASCE Orange County Branch 2014 Water Project of the Year

Butier Engineering, Inc. provided constructability review, construction management, and inspection services for the City of Tustin’s Rawlings Reservoir Replacement Project. The City’s former 4 MG hopper bottom reservoir was taken out of service due to its age and deteriorating condition. After its decommissioning, the City proceeded with the design of two 3.0 MG prestressed circular concrete tanks to replace the reservoir. The increased capacity will meet the daily demands in the water services area, allow for more water self-sufficiency in the Tustin community, and provide emergency resources in the event of an earthquake or local fire.

Prior to bidding, Butier assisted the City with solving construction access and temporary shoring issues. The project originally required the construction of a tie-back retaining wall, which would have extended the project into an adjacent property. At the City’s direction, Butier performed a constructability review and proposed using a cantilevered shoring system, which would keep the project within the City’s property line. In addition, Butier assisted the City in obtaining a temporary construction easement from the adjacent landowner to the north. Use of this undeveloped property provided the Project team with an access road down to the bottom of the tank elevation, as well as laydown and stockpiling areas. Solutions to the construction access and shoring issues facilitated construction, minimized off-site hauling, and provided a cost savings to the City equivalent to $1 million.